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Video Testimonials

Bryan Wallace was not only my coach but he guided me through the college process both athletically and academically, when I attended his College Soccer Camp, I was already prepared for my next steps academically and knew what coaches to contact and how to contact them, I went on to play D1 College Soccer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, I then went on to sign a professional soccer contract.


- Steve Palacios -LA Galaxy Reserves

"I attended Bryan Wallace soccer camp twice where I was able to learn many different aspects of the game from different top level college coaches. I also played for Bryan Wallace where he taught me that the tactical side of the game was just as important as the technical side of the game, how and when to press the ball and essential defending aspects as well as when to attack at pace and when to slow the game down" he also guided me through the academic process and I eventually earned a soccer scholarship to USD, where I also played and developed as a player.


- Connor Brandt - Major League Soccer/ New York FC

Bryan Wallace is the coach I attribute all my success as a youth player and a large part in helping me get scouted for college soccer. Bryan Wallace Soccer Camp is one of the most useful tools for any club or academy player looking to get experience training under and learning about what it takes to play top collegiate soccer. The amount of top level coaches attending his College Soccer Camp is the reason this opportunity shouldn't be passed up by serious soccer players. I wasn't particularly awarded a scholarship because I attended this camp, however it put me in touch with many coaches who were interested in me as a player as well as Bryan who knew many coaches in all levels of Collegiate soccer. There is always a place to play collegiate soccer for any serious player in this country, I would recommend signing up with Bryan if you are serious about continuing your dreams in soccer.


- Christopher Beezer Wehan - USL New Mexico United

Bryan Wallace's college camp provided me with top level training and insight from coaches that represented some of the best universities across the country. Not only did the camp provide me with top level training from coaches that were well established at the collegiate level, but academically Bryan guided me in that area as well and it was also where I was initially recruited to play division 1 soccer at the University of California Irvine. Overall Bryan’s guidance and commitment throughout the entire process provided me with interactive training from high level coaches and was a key factor in the progression of my soccer career.


- Michael Breslin - UC Irvine men's soccer Goalkeeper

Bryan Wallace has played a major role in guiding me on and off the soccer field towards my goals. Bryan coached me since age 13 and continue to train me today at age 22, he pushed me to always aim high, I developed to be one a member of the US U-17 national team pool and started two games for the US U-17 National team, with my club team where Bryan was my head coach I experienced everything a youth player could experience, I went on European trials in Holland and Belgium, competed at the highest level possible domestically. Team captain and left midfielder for United FC, which won the 2009 Cal South National Cup a first in the clubs history. I went on to earn a scholarship and played soccer four years at California Berkeley, I was drafted in the top 20 MLS draft by Real Salt Lake, I owe my career to Bryan Wallace hard work, insight and expertise.


- Ryan Neil - MLS Real Salt Lake

"There was nothing like the experience of practicing with and showing off your talent in front of high class college coaches at Bryan Wallaces College Soccer Camps, coaches who were intrigued at finding talent. The coaches come to you and they are able to see the raw talent of any player and of course having Bryan’s guidance throughout the academic process played a huge in helping me find the right fit.


- Jeremy Bishop - Azusa Pacific University Men’s Soccer

"It wasn't until I was coached by Bryan Wallace that I saw what soccer is all about. He enlightened me to a culture that partook in professionalism. This included gamesmanship, tactical awareness, mental/physical strengthening, as well as many other traits that were positively reflected off of the field. He is a great coach that instilled in me passion and belief that is still helping me today as I expand my soccer career.


- Bret Foreman - Cal Poly SLO men's soccer

Bryan was my soccer coach for many years and he was the best coach! The experiences and opportunities I received playing for Bryan were invaluable! Bryan provided numerous opportunities for us to meet and play for college coaches from all over the US. He has a passion for the game and he does what he can to help his players succeed in what they want to do. I appreciate all Bryan has done for me both academically and athletically, he is the best coach!


- Carlin Kennedy - San Marcos University men's soccer

Bryan Wallace soccer camp allowed me to get exposure in front of various college coaches which helped my career continue at UC Riverside. If it weren't for his guidance athletically and academically I would not have had the guidance to be able to play at the next level. I am grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me after attending his college camps.


- Alexis Romo - UC Riverside men's soccer

As a youth player I had one main goal and that to earn a soccer scholarship and play College Soccer at UCLA, in 2010 that dream became a reality and I owe it all to the hard hard work, dedication, sacrifice, insight, training providing by Bryan Wallace, his College soccer camp provided me with the platform I needed to showcase myself and cultivate relationships with top collegiate coaches, today I enjoy an incredible professional soccer career playing for pro team Hask in Croatia.


- Dakota Collins - UCLA men’s Soccer

Through my journey of soccer i am very thankful for everything Bryan Wallace had done for my family and I. If it wasn’t for his expertise in this sport, I would not be where i am today playing College soccer. Bryan is not only a great coach but a role model for all. I cant thank him enough for everything he has taught me and how to be a successful soccer player on and off the field.


- Derek Saunier - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Coach Wallace has been both a teacher and supporter throughout my process in acquiring a position on the PomonaPitzer mens soccer team. Throughout the process, Coach Wallace has set up phone calls with me and checked in on me during practices that we had. In these practices and phone calls with Coach Wallace, I got to learn how to properly connect with a college coach and create positive relationships, as Coach Wallace had great experience with this. We were able to connect with the coach and find camps that were held by the Pomona-Pitzer’s mens soccer team so that I could showcase my talent in-front of the Coaches. Coach Wallace was also able to reach out to the Pomona-Pitzer coaching staff numerous times and deliver to them positive messages about me to support me even more. Reflecting back on the process, I having nothing but respect and appreciation for Coach Wallace as he served as a true mentor throughout the process.


- Keyon Nambdar Men’s Soccer Pomona Pitzer University

Coach Bryan Wallace was pivotal in my college recruitment process. Very early on in my high school career, Coach Wallace helped me start to identify some specific colleges around the country based off my unique interests such as location, academics, school population, average class size, and distinctive aspects about each programs style of play and methodology surrounding the game of soccer and academics. Coach Wallace helped me earn about 10-15 offers from schools all around the country, and was critical in helping me eventually accept a scholarship in Division 1 soccer at California State University Fullerton. As the first in my family to earn a scholarship to play soccer at the collegiate level, I would have been sailing uncharted waters without the help of Coach Wallace. Coach Wallace is an expert in this field and was absolutely vital in my college recruitment process and development as a youth soccer player.


- Michael Oakson Cal State Fullerton Men’s Soccer

Coach Wallace is very knowledgeable about the recruitment process and has a lot of experience with the process. He was very supportive with my son and guided him throughout the process. Coach Wallace did a great job following up with my son on a constant basis to ensure that he was on track. Additionally, his soccer camps are a great way to get exposure and connect with college coaches. I highly recommend Coach Wallace and appreciate all that he has done for my son.


- Parent Neda Namdar

When my son Dakota Collins was making the decision on what college to play soccer at and what he needed to do, we turned to his coach Bryan Wallace for help. Bryan spent so much time with us, calmly helping Dakota through the complicated process and eventually helping him make a decision. Bryan was there through each step, but most importantly he made sure Dakota behaved in an ethical, professional manner. Instead of “mom” having to push follow up calls and emails, Bryan made sure this was done by Dakota. It made the process very smooth and at the end when Dakota made his choice, which was UCLA, all the other college coaches respected his decision. Bryan is a knowledgeable, complete professional and will not only guide your child through the process he is also an amazing, positive mentor for your child during this exciting but stressful process.


- Parent Kelley Collins

Playing for Coach Bryan Wallace was the most important and beneficial part of my college journey. Without his expertise, involvement, and support, I would never have this opportunity to play at my top school.


- Niko Kaczmarczyk, Point Loma University Men’s Soccer

Coach Wallace was an unbelievable asset to our son, Niko Kaczmarczyk during his final years of the Club Soccer and during the most critical time of the recruiting process. Not only was he an amazing coach on the field, and during training, he was a dedicated advocate for our son through the recruiting process with all the college coaches. Coach Wallace personally worked with Niko throughout the difficult decision-making process of selecting and contacting coaches within his top 10 preferred university list. Coach Wallace also directly reached out to the coaching staff to help create a direct line of communication for Niko to personally contact and regularly talk with each college coach up to when his final decision was made. Additionally, throughout the season, Coach Wallace helped Niko focus and prepare for showcase tournaments. He encouraged Niko to regularly connect with each college coach about his upcoming tournament and game schedule. One of the most important things that Coach Wallace did for our son, which changed the trajectory of the recruiting process and helped solidify an opportunity to play at the college of his choice was when Coach Wallace personally reached out to the Head Coach at Point Loma University. This not only helped coordinate the coaching staff to visit many of the showcase tournaments to watch Niko play but it created an opportunity for Niko to be personally invited to train with the Point Loma University Men’s Soccer team. Without this personal connection, that only a dedicated Coach like Bryan can offer, we would still be struggling and stressing out about the next chapter of Niko’s soccer career.


We will be forever indebted to Coach Bryan for the effort he made for our son.


Satisfied parent,


- Robert Kaczmarczyk

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